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"The idea was to open a place where the original Sarajevo cevap, made from pure beef meat, could be eaten and especially in the somun, because those who understand a little more know that the original Sarajevo cevap is served in the somun, not in a bun. There were various suggestions for the name of the restaurant, but the name of the neighborhood was crucial in its selection. This is such a part of the city that anyone from Subotica that says that he is going to Tokyo knows exactly which neighborhood he is going to, and I think we have a great fit in the name of the restaurant."
Manager - Dalibor Drača

What is our location?

Maksima Gorkog 9-11
24000 Subotica
City Center - Tokio



Opened in the heart of the eponymous settlement, Tokio BBQ Restaurant brings well-known grilled dishes. The idea was to combine modern interiors and comfortable gardens with the flavors of tradition, thus providing a new kind of service to fellow citizens.

Location Maksima Gorkog 9-11,
24000 Subotica
Call Us (+381) 24 600 610
(+381) 66 660 0610
Working Hours 07:00 – 23:00
Every Day